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If you can roll a ball, you can create with JumpingClay!

We offer educational programs and clay activities for children and adults based on simple shapes and step by step modeling instructions. Trained instructors teach workshops and host parties for any kind of celebration.
Our courses have been designed for a wide range of ages and abilities. They encourage creative self-expression, build confidence, and improve fine-motor skills.
Crafting with JumpingClay is a great activity to do with your children! But most of all . . . it's fun and easy!!


How to use and take care of your JumpingClay

1. Keep JumpingClay in the container well packed and capped. Also avoid direct closure to the sunlight or heat.
2. When your hands get stuck with JumpingClay, mold a bigger clay than the one stuck and use it peel off.
3. Don’t put JumpingClay in the water, it will transform to semi-liquid.
4. Although JumpingClay is non-toxic and safe. Still, you shouldn’t eat it.
5. When JumpingClay is dried. Spread some water and mold it.
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Our Courses

Regular Program

Young Clay Artist Course

This program allows for students to learn educational material and principles while creating formative arts with JumpingClay. The program is divided into two levels, Pre-School and Primary.

Certificate Course

Structured so that children can learn while having fun creating. Naturally gain the skills to create works and at the same time understand the characteristics of JumpingClay. The program is divided into three levels, Beginner and Intermediate and Advanced.

Recommand Program

Jumping Books

JumpingBooks was designed so that students can experience making their own books, learn the subjects handled in the books, and decorate with JumpingClay.

Jumping Science

While conducting experiments with the kits they will naturally understand the principles of the scientific concepts.

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