Certificate Curriculum

JumpingClay Professional Instructor Curriculum

This is the top level Instructor's Course. It is more vigorous, intensive, and advanced than the Instructor Course.

-Develop more advanced skills than the Instructor Course.

-Encourage the pursuit of self-improvement and a goal-oriented mindset.

JumpingClay Instructor Curriculum

After completion, you will be able to instruct the various JumpingClay Programs to others.

-Understanding ofJumpingClay system and instructor requirements.

-Understanding of the characteristics of JumpingClay products.

-Improvement of Instructors aptitude to complete the Special Courses.

JumpingClay Pre-Instructor Curriculum

With this short program you will learn the basic shapes/ skills/ tools ofJumpingClay. Upon completion, you may:

-Teach at venues designated by your affiliate franchise prior to earning your Instructor Certification.

-Teach the Children Program.