Education Effect

Gives you peace of mind

Very soft and pliable, lumpingClay has the ability to comfort people who touch and knead it. Clay Therapy has also been an effective tool in psychotherapy field; it has been shown to reduce stress and to facilitate recovery from many symptoms.

Promotes imagination

When children think about creating something - whether it is a simple object or a complex project - out of JumpingClay, they are encouraged to use their imagination and to think ahead. They will need to figure out how to approach the possible modelling challenges, thus developing problemsolving skills. As the unique projects are completed, the students will also attain a sense of achievement from their wok Equally important, as the children develop their imagination, they will start producing more creative works.

Enchances Brain Activity

Working with JumpingClay simulates the human sense organs. Making details parts of a project will develop their dexterity and improve their thought processes.

Develop concentration ability

When students are having fun building the project they develop a high level of concentration. Students who are easily distracted will become more focused as they complete the project at hand.

Develop artistic sense and ability

JumpingClay is a great tool to use when it comes to developing the basics of sculptural art. Since the clay is a 3D art form, it will significantly develop dimensional and proportional awareness.

Develop confidence

Completing JumpingClay projects will give a sense of achievement satisfaction, and ultimately confidence.

A new way of looking at objects

Observing and studying an object can be a v°, new and different activity for many students. As they study an object to re-create, they must think about all of the visible details and about bow to express those details. Sometimes, they dye bays to think about bow non-visible aspects of the object can influence or affect their projects. By allowing the students to thoroughly analyse how each facets will be expressed, JumpingClay education improves their analytical skills.