Jumping Clay is a unique, jasmine-scented polymer clay composed of non-toxic water dissolving fillers which mixes easily into any color.

It can be used to create any model or character, pictures, fridge magnets, decorations, key chains, even an imprint of anew baby’s hand or foot.

And unlike traditional clays, there is no need to bake as the product dries naturally in the air.It is mess-free, and when rolled into a ball it bounces.

It has passed food safety regulations, it is harmless if accidently ingested even for children under 3 years (the only one that´s passed the European SGS test for that age range).

It is light weight and simply air dries without the need to bake. Finished crafts don't crumble or crack and maintain their bright colors.

Yes! Jumping Clay is made of non-toxic water soluble filler and is not harmful to the human body. Therefore, it is safe for kids. While we don't suggest you eat it, it is harmless if accidentally ingested!

This depends on the size and thickness of the object and room temperature. Generally, smaller objects will take about a day or two to dry completely. Sunlight or air conditioned areas will also help speed up drying time.