Looking for great arts & crafts activity that is educational too?

JumpingClay is completely mess-free and everyone will make & take their very own creation.

JumpingClay develops exclusive educaitonal clay activities that can be designed to suit any theme of your choice.

We understand how difficult it most be to continue coming up with new and exciting activity ideas for the kids at your nursery. That's why at JumpingClay we pride ourselves in providing exciting clay workshops to fit into your curriculum.

Plan a trip out: a change of scenery is always nice so why not visit your local academy.

Have a trained instructor come to you: it's not always possible to get the kids out and about, so why not organise for us to come to you. Whether it is a one-off workshop, a 3 week scheme, or a full terms course we are confident that we can deliver an exciting experience that both you and the kids will love.

If you would like JumpingClay to host a mess free clay workshop at your nursery don't hesitate to contact your local academy.

JumpingClay also provides great further training and development options, ideal for nursery staff or people working with children.