Our contributions

The Edu-Culture Group that facilitates happy family life

JumpingClay Group promotes the happiness of children and the joy of families through manufacturing superior lightweight clay and creating unique, enjoyable educational programs.

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The maker of the original JumpingClay : JumpingClay Co., Ltd

JumpingClay Group is the developer and patent holder for ultra-lightweight JumpingClay. We coined the name "JumpingClay" became of its outstanding elasticity, resiliency and bouncy characteristics. You can only experience our original product by looking for the "JumpingClay" trademark on the package.

Giving back to the community

Through the many JumpingClay Group activities, we have been contributing to the welfare of the local communities.

Our contributions

  • Education

JumpingClay instills creativity and dreams into children.

  • Culture

We offer cultural experiences through numerous exhibitions, demonstrations, and experiential events.

  • Community Welfare

We have been helping the elderly, underprivileged people ,and the disabled to gain self-confidence with our distinctive programs and activities.

  • Creation of Jobs

Through JumpingClay education, we have created many employment opportunities for communities around the world.

  • Social Contribution

A portion of the sales ofJumpingClay products are donated to underprivileged children in the local community.