Secret of Success

We let our products and programs speak for themselves.

We strive to give hands on opportunities to JumpingClay Customers. We have become successful through word of mouth promotions from our loyal customers.

The Best Quality/Safety/Famous Clay in The World

Superior Quality

With our expertise in the field, all JumpingClay franchises have become the benchmark in the industry

Specialized Educational Contents and R&D

Specialized Educational Contents and R&D

We are continually investing in developing specialized programs such as Fun & Learn Programs for chidren, Clay Therapy Programs for peopel with emotional and physical needs, and other in-depth Education Programs.

Customized Product Marketing Know-how

The best marketing know-how for our product

Following the trend of current markting schemes through online marketing, home shopping networks, Facebook, and YouTube. We also think that it is important that potential clients have direct access to our products so we offer many exhibitions, demonstrations, and experiential events where they can personally experience JumpingClay.

Systematic Operations

Systematic Operations

All of our JumpingClay Franchises have peace of mind, even those whom have never operated their own business. Based on our years of experience in the field, even novices can operate their franchise like a pro. Our franchisees have direct access to all operational support through our systemized administrative structure.

Low Start-Up Cost

Low cost Investment

The biggest investment in starting a business are the rents and the interior design. Our franchisees use DIY Products, common products, and other completed wort. to decorate the interior of the shops thus reducing the cost of interior design.

Global Network

JumpingClay Global Family

Currently there are about 43 countries operating JumpingClay franchises. We are working closely with each country to produce an Educational Program that all can identify with. Melding the many different cultures that are currently using JumpingClay has allowed us implement Contents Localizing and to establish the first Global Network of its kind.